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3 things Covid-19 will change the world forever?

Posted by Wendy Nguyen on Tháng Tư 29, 2020
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When the end of the Covid-19 remains a big question mark, people choose to stay at home and avoid physical contact. It’s undeniable that Covid-19 has hit hard into our lives and shift the behaviors across regions. Over the previous months, there are 4 things proved to be permanently changed even if this ends.
Let’s figure them out!

1. Working from home becomes an option

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Covid-19 has normalized remote working and people worldwide are getting used to it. With the disruptive digitalization, we are now able to work from home with more flexibility but remain productive while saving the cost of transportation, time and working space.

2. Handshaking and other close contact greetings may die out

Image may contain: shoes, possible text that says '2. Global business communication changes Handshaking & French cheek kissing ANHOME ASATES'

Handshaking is the top ingrained ritual in life, especially business contexts to show good intentions and connection. However, as Covid-19 has proved such physical contacts is the root cause of infection, it is believed that handshaking, cheek kissing and other closed contacts in communication might be replaced. Currently, traditional nose-to-nose greeting in UEA is already banned during the pandemic while the authorities of China, France, Spain, etc. have encouraged not to shake hands or kiss for greeting.

3. Restaurants integrated with delivery service

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It was not until Covid-19 happens that the demand for food delivery service is strongly emphasized. In the future, with the support of aggressive development of technology, restaurants ranging from SMEs or big global ones are able to to serve basic human’s needs and stay alive in such a competitive market.

4. A disruptive booming of e-commerce

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Covid-19 is expected to put a sharp accelerator to the e-commerce market worldwide when people are now switching to shopping online and have realized how convenient it is. Simply with a touch on the smartphone’s screen or a click, they can buy whatever and get it shipped right away.

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